Question: hello friend, the remote control does not work, does not answer most buttons, what to do now


  1. Please change battery of remote control firstly, 
  2. Please operate the remote control to TV box IR sensor, not DVD player or monitor. 
  3. Check the quality of button, please test remote control button under the camera of mobile phone, see below video


Question: Hi friends, I have always been facing the remote receiver, I said earlier, most of its buttons have no effect, only one or two buttons can be, but the role of asymmetry, the wrong response, the main functions such as confirmation , change the station, the volume, do not work, anxious to wait for your reply, thank you

Answer:  OK, maybe remote control is not correct with tv box firmware. (from your picture, it is Japanese remote control, but firmware is for South America) Engineer will make a new firmware to upgrade, try to solve this problem

( ISDB-T7800 firmware is for South America, Remote Control is for Japan, So this firmware upgrade to change ISDB-T7800 South America firmware support Japan Remote control)

Please upgrade like below steps

  1. Please Copy the upgrade file to USB Stick, it is better no other file.
  2. Disconnect the power of tv box
  3. Plug on the USB Stick to TV box USB connector
  4. Re-connect the power of tv box.
  5. The tv box will upgrade automatic, please don't power off during upgrading, otherwise, the tv box will lose firmware.
  6. After upgrade ok, it will restart automatically, then you can auto-search tv program