Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver

COFDM Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver Transmission HDMI HD 1080P composite CVBS in H.264 COFDM-904T

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Selling Points

0.5~1W RF output;

HD 1080P, SD 720P composite CVBS in


Delay <500 Millisecond;

Test Video

10Km test video from Drone Transmitter to Ground receiver. please check below link:


10Km Test Video

How to change frequency at receiver, please check below picture:

Wireless HDMI Transmitter


Product nameHigh-definition map transmission transmitter
Product numberCOFDM-904T
Working frequency300MHz ~ 900MHz can be customized
Antenna interface50Ω SMA male or MMCX female
Modulation modeCOFDM (QPSK、16QAM、64QAM)
Video bit rate2~10MHz
Working bandwidth6MHz,8MHz
Delay300 Millisecond
Compression formatH.264
Image clarity1080P @60/50/30(backward compatible)
Operating VoltageDC9 ~ 28V
Power consumption≤8W @ standard power 500mW
Product Size80 * 65 * 20mm


Question: Can you send me price list?
Answer: Yes, please send your email inquiry to info@cofdm.com.cn
Question: Any chance to change to 2 or 5 Ghz band? 
Answer: Now our Transmitter frequency supports from 170~1500Mhz.
Question: COFDM-904T has HDMI input?
Answer: Yes, COFDM-904T has HDMI and CVBS input. It support Gopro camera.
Question: COFDM-904T is only 4 Channels?
Answer: COFDM-904T default has 4 frequency, if you need different or more, we will edit our software to do (170~900Mhz), Just send us your requirement details to info@cofdm.com.cn
Question: What about data rate? Support 8M-10Mbps?
Answer: Default is 3M, we also can support 8-10Mbps if adjust parameter.
Question: Can i set manually by me?
Answer: It is better to pre-set in factory and test passed before delivery. If need, we can also tell you the solution to change frequency.
Question: I need COFDM-904T work on 1080i 50 at least at 8-10Mbps
Answer: It is no problem.
Question: Can i set manually all the parameters by myself?
Answer: If you add PA (booster), then you can not; If you don’t need PA (booster), then you can (PA is hardware, if you change setting, hardware should be adjustable)
Question: Which is the max frequency value we can set?
Answer: 900Mhz, Need higher, please choose COFDM-902T
Question: If the band range is 300-900 i will tell you exactly 4 ones in between to set for me, then i will need constant data rate at 10 Mbps, modulation at 16QAM, FEC at 1/2 and Guard Interval at 1/32. Encoding at 4.2.2 if possible instead of 4.2.0, 200 Meters (NLOS) Non Line Of Sight and 500 Meters (LOS) Line Of Sight. RF power at 500 mW, remember, data rate MUST be fixed (not variable) at 10 Mbps, try this setting and let me know how it works (better if you can forward me a short video directly recorded from the HDMI output of the receiver – NOT SHOOTING A MONITOR SCREEN! At least we need 27dbm
Answer: OK, we can do above sample if you confirmed.
Question: Do you have any device, I can get video at my computer?
Answer: Yes, please check another page. COFDM Video USB Receiver.

Do you have any question, please click here to ask a question.


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